Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sharing Inspiration - Real Life Stories

There are two great reasons for sharing what inspires you:

1. You will become inspired by telling others about it 
2. You will inspire some of the people you tell

Recently I invited readers of my newsletter to send some of their inspirations to me so I could share them more widely. This is because it shows both the wide variety of what inspires people and the common themes where we all benefit.

So, with a big thank you to all those who took up the invitation, here's a selection of what inspires them.

Delyth wrote "for me it is reaching the top of that hill or mountain and looking at the wonderful views of the countryside and feeling that mixture of awe that anything so beautiful exists in the first place and that secondly I am able to enjoy it when I want and share it with good friends and my children".

When, like Delyth, we know what inspires us, we can choose to do it more often. Notice too that sharing - with friends, family, even colleagues - can enhance the inspiring experience for us.
Jon prefixed his reply with "It was a fantastic start to the day to get posed this question", pointing to the fact that when we recall an inspiring experience we get inspired all over again!

Jon went on to nominate his Top 10 of inspiring things from the previous week:

1. Seeing the weather so beautiful showing off the countryside we live in and drive through at its finest
2. Seeing the Secret Millionaire programme and seeing some very ordinary people doing some extraordinary things
3. Hearing the birds singing so clearly and so loudly getting their message out to all who stop and listen
4. Seeing a young child smile in pure innocence despite all the gloom and doom around us
5. Taking just a few minutes to stop and realise what an amazing place the world is and how amazing we all are as a miracles of life
6. Listening to the geneticist we went to see yesterday talk about what is possible now with the amazing developments in science
7. Reading what an amazing man who dedicated his life to Naturopathy, osteopathy and helping people with their health had meant to friends and all those whose lives he had touched after his death
8. The nature of friends who despite the troubles they are struggling with have time to check in with you
9. A surprise call from a friend I had not spoken to for nearly a year which lifted the spirits
10. The picture of my dad watching over me when I was about 5 or 6 that sits beside my desk

Reading Jon's list, you can pick up his sense of gratitude for all these inspiring things. Holding an attitude of thankfulness keeps us more open to new inspiring moments.

Staying open to future inspiration is at the root of Peter's story. He says "the first two things I thought of that I found inspiring had something in common: on both occasions I wasn't expecting to be inspired".

Peter goes on to explain that some time ago he took a short break in Edinburgh. Even though he had no particular interest in the famous Military Tattoo, he went along anyway and he was completely surprised: "That Tattoo was inspiring. The television coverage can only capture pictures and sound there is a lot more in atmosphere and sharing in a community spirit with people you don't even know and will never meet again".

An occasion like this can stay with us for many years showing how resilient an inspiring memory can be. Each inspiring experience is an investment in the future which we can draw on later whenever we choose.

Peter's second example is from the last recession. "I saw a new starter at a time when we had no vacancies. I asked him [ ] how he came to be working with us. He replied he called personally at every work place he came across and eventually we gave him a start. I found this attitude inspiring because when everyone else had given up hope of finding a job he did more".

Many of us are inspired by stories of people who triumph in adversity. These people can be role models for us - what qualities do they show that we can copy?

Kate mentions one of her role models: "people like David Whyte particularly inspire me, with their strength of voice, ideas and living their truth".

She emailed just before setting off for a walk around her local lake. Knowing this inspires her, she is able to 'repeat when necessary'. She is a keen gardener so flowers are also an inspiration.

With her example, we come back to where we started - sharing what inspires us. When you do this, watch for the difference you'll make!

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